Hi, I’m Carmel and I’m a stylist in all things creative.
Whether it be for advertising or packaging for products, paper art, merchandising and even food styling, I have extensive experience in these areas.
I have worked within the advertising industry for over 15 years and am a well-rounded creative in all things visual. Previous experience as an Art Director, Communication Designer, Retoucher and Food Stylist has led me to be the Stylist in all things creative.
I have been noted for my technical and conceptual proficiency, meticulous eye for detail and ability to think beyond the square.
I pride myself on being able to take direction, take criticism and take the mickey, but more importantly have the ability to take unnecessary elements out in order to communicate in the most efficient manner.
My objectives are to be constantly challenged and push the boundaries, to work with inspiring people and to have the work that I put my hand to achieve a lasting impact. And to have fun in the process of course!
Give me a ring and let’s chat.